Twilight Zone : When the Wolf Comes Out

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St Peter’s Church, oldest place in Wolverhampton dating to the Xth century and one of my favourite English churches – Photo by Gaelle Konak I love taking photos at twilight. And there is an old saying…

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First Impressions


We all love Wolverhampton too. Great blog. Look forward to reading many more such posts.

Originally posted on lovewolverhampton:

View from Beatties Carpark over Darlington street Methodist Church and Chapel Ash in the distance View from Beatties car park over Darlington street Methodist Church and Chapel Ash in the distance – photo by Gaelle Konak

I arrived in Wolverhampton by accident in 2005. I was moving to this part of the UK to start a College course, and was looking for accommodation. I hadn’t had much luck in Birmingham and its suburbs so far and was feeling a little deflated and homesick when I got on the Metro tram to Wolverhampton one afternoon in order to kill some time.

As I arrived in the city, I immediately felt it “fitted” me, with its intimate pedestrian centre, its beautiful church and churchyard and period buildings around cobbled streets. It clearly was an industrial town with a strong foothold into the past which piqued my curiosity. I was also taken by its many green spaces and towering trees lining the roads, and enjoyed the more man-sized quality of…

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Five reasons YOU should be at Make:Shift this Saturday

Source: Five reasons YOU should be at Make:Shift this Saturday

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Wet weather gardeners – 10 things to do when it rains …

We knew the rain was coming today and yet still it seems to have taken many people by surprise.  Indeed driving into the office today, there were still people in shorts and tee-shirts soaked to the skin!


Image courtesy of Tom Novak

If you love your garden though, is the rain enough of a deterrent to prevent you getting out of the house?

There are still jobs that you can do …

  1. Working in the rain can destroy the soil structure. Compression of the soil can cause water-logging so should be avoided.  However, it is a good time to identify areas in your garden of potential water logging.  Then when it’s dry, the keen gardener can prepare for aeration.
  2. Wet weather provides us with the perfect opportunity for management and maintenance.
  3. Cleaning our gardening boots and gloves.
  4. Tidying and sorting the shed.
  5. Maintaining tools – make sure you have an oily rag. A bit of elbow grease will make your next outdoor gardening session easier on your own joints.
  6. Sharpen any cutting implements eg shears, scythes, secateurs.
  7. A good inspection of your lawnmower – checking for any cable damage, sharpening blades and a good clean.
  8. Working in the greenhouse on tasks like seed sowing, thinning out seedlings, planting cuttings, checking dryness of bulbs, etc.
  9. Why not cook up some culinary delights from all of your harvested produce.
  10. If nothing else tickles your fancy why not enjoy a nice cuppa tea and read your favourite gardening magazine!

Happy gardening!

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We love this article about Sheep on the streets of London (1926-1938)

This fabulous article from Mashable, chronicles the history of the introduction of sheep to London parks in a bid to reduce mowing costs.

I wonder what the public would think if this was introduced today?

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Children’s Challenge – Operation Spring Clean

Members of the team with our competition winners 2015, Sophie Rolfe and Jasmine Johnson

Members of the team with our competition winners 2015, Sophie Rolfe and Jasmine Johnson

Children’s Challenge – Operation Spring Clean 2015

As part of Operation Spring Clean 2015, school children from across Wolverhampton, were invited to design a poster to get the anti-litter message across.  Two winners were chosen and their designs were transformed ‘big-style’ and are now being carried on either side of 19 refuse vehicles in the city.

Sophie Rolfe, aged 7, of Castlecroft Primary School and Jasmine Johnson, aged 10, of Loxdale Primary School submitted their designs and were chosen by the judging panel as the winning entries.

This poster was designed by Sophie Rolfe of Castlecroft Primary School

This poster was designed by Sophie Rolfe of Castlecroft Primary School

This poster was designed by Jasmine Johnson of Loxdale Primary School

This poster was designed by Jasmine Johnson of Loxdale Primary School

The girls were invited to see the vehicles for the first time with their winning designs, together with Councillor Steve Evans, cabinet member for city environment.  They also received a sponsored ‘goodie bag’.  The full story can be read here.

We know that the girls families and schools are justifiably proud of them and hopefully, our residents and visitors to Wolverhampton, are too.

Across Wolverhampton we are beginning to see regular community litter picks being co-ordinated with the help of our many friends, user and community groups.  If this is something you’d like to get involved in – please get in touch.

You can do this by following Operation Spring Clean on Facebook and/or Twitter or by emailing or by calling 01902 551155.

To see the full photo gallery, you can check out our Flickr album.

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Operation Spring Clean 2015

Operation Spring Clean 2015

During March and April, we were involved in Operation Spring Clean 2015.

This year we aimed to encourage community involvement, particularly as Keep Britain Tidy were also holding their Community Clear Up Days.

So far this year we have worked with 12 groups and have helped to support almost 250 people (men, women and children) in their local communities to hold their own #cleanitup events with still more to be held now that Operation Spring Clean 2015 has ended.

Some of the great guys at Gatis Street Gardeners cleaning up their area.

Some of the great guys at Gatis Street Gardeners cleaning up their area.

Neighbours coming together to #cleanitup in Newbridge

Neighbours coming together to #cleanitup in Newbridge

Members of Bantock Park User Group (BUG)

Members of Bantock Park User Group (BUG)

Community members at Phoenix Park #cleanitup

Community members at Phoenix Park #cleanitup

Bilston Scouts joining forces with McDonald's to #cleanitup

Bilston Scouts joining forces with McDonald’s to #cleanitup

These little guys were such enthusiastic litter pickers ...

These little guys were such enthusiastic litter pickers …

Lucky with the weather!

Lucky with the weather!

Mums and Dads got involved too ...

Mums and Dads got involved too …

More of the Bilston scouts helping to #cleanitup

More of the Bilston scouts helping to #cleanitup

They were very proud of all their hard work ... and we were very proud of them too!  #WonderfulWulfrunians

They were very proud of all their hard work … and we were very proud of them too! #WonderfulWulfrunians

Tinacre Hill before and after

Tinacre Hill (before and after photographs)

Francis Street (before and after photographs)


Every year in Wolverhampton we collect over 250 dead animals from the highway or public land.  Sadly, many of them are cats and dogs – much loved family pets.  If they are wearing a collar with their owner’s contact number or if they’ve been micro chipped, we are able to contact them. Never a nice job to give bad news.


Leaving a fridge/freezer on the footpath is fly-tipping! Fly tip and you risk a fixed penalty fine.

The scrapman won’t take away your old fridge/freezers. It costs them to get rid of them. Since June 2013 the number of fridge/freezers we collected went from virtually nothing to around 50 every month.

When thinking about getting a new fridge/freezer, remember to ask your new supplier if they will take the old one away for you. You can also take it to a council tip (see the link below) or you could pay for a collection by contacting


Fly Tipping – You can help!

Why should you have to pay for the actions of others?

If you witness fly tipping, try and make a note of the following:

• Date and time
• How many people were fly tipping and their description(s)?
• What they were actually doing?
• Any vehicles involved, try and note the make, model, colour and registration number
• Where you were when you saw the fly tipping, for example in your home, walking the dog?
• What did you see being tipped?
• How much was tipped?

Don’t worry if you can’t get all the information above, any details you provide in your report could still help in the prosecution of the culprits responsible.

The easiest way to do this is by using the Wolverhampton Report It app or by contacting City Direct on 01902 551155 or emailing…/…/Report-fly-tipping

Remember – Never put yourself at risk by confronting the offenders.

Together we will ‪#‎cleanitup‬

Like infographics? Then check this one out from Keep Britain Tidy

If you would like to get involved in any community clear up events, check out our website here.

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Wolverhampton edition Monopoly – check it out and vote for your beautiful parks in Wolverhampton

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Published on April 19th, 2013 | by James Clarke


Wolverhampton set to get its own version of Monopoly!

Wolverhampton is set to get the full official MONOPOLY treatment with its very own customised board, which will be out later this year in time for Christmas. And it will be the great Wolverhampton public who will get to vote for the 22 property landmarks that make it onto the board.

So, for example, Wulfruna Street could replace Mayfair from the original London MONOPOLY. Or Molineux Stadium could appear on Old Kent Road!

The board will see Wolverhampton’s finest landmarks swap places with the famous MONOPOLY London sites like Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street. In addition, the four London train stations will be handed over to a city ‘travel’ theme.

Some of the Community Chest and Chance cards are being customised too, with very bold plans for one to say ‘You will be fined for going to Birmingham’!

The Mayor of Wolverhampton Councillor Mrs Christine Mills, a self-confessed MONOPOLY fan who plays using the dog counter attended the launch event at the band stand in West Park this morning.

Councillor Mills said: “MONOPOLY is a classic game for all the family and it’s fantastic news that, nearly 80 years after it was first launched, the great and greater Wolverhampton public will be able to expand their property empire by snapping up some famous landmarks in Wolverhampton!”.

The new MONOPOLY: Wolverhampton Edition will be available from this October in time for Christmas – very extensively online and at all good toy and book stores – including at:, Ocado, Toys R Us, Waitrose, Waterstones, WH Smith and The Works.

Voting starts at 10am on Friday 19th April 2013 and ends five weeks later on 24th May 2013.

Nominations for landmarks and famous streets – as well as general suggestions – to  OR at or by post to:

WOLVERHAMPTON MONOPOLY, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.

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Letters from America …

We had an interesting email yesterday from Gary in the USA.

Gary had been born and raised in Wolverhampton and later moved Stateside. Gary’s mother still lives in Wolverhampton.

Some years ago Gary donated a ‘Jade Vine’ Strongylodon macrobotrys  together with an ‘Angel’s Trumpet’ Brugmansia plant.

We spoke to Graham and Theresa – who work in the Conservatory at West Park – and they told us that the plants are still growing, still thriving but still no flowers have appeared on the ‘Jade Vine’  … on a lighter note, the ‘Angel’s Trumpet’ is doing really well!

Graham remembered that Gary also sent us a ‘Orchid Cactus’ ephiphyllum and a ‘Ginger Kahili’ Hedychium gardnerianum and they are both thriving.  Both of these plans flower regularly.  We’ll try to post photographs of these in the future.

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Dog and chips …

Not another story about animals and food?  No, more a question really …

The Environment Secretary (Owen Paterson) has announced that all dogs in England must be micro-chipped, by law, from 6 April 2016.

Obviously, us ‘Parkies’ love nothing better than to meet our well-behaved canine chums and their humans.   The one’s we really enjoy the company of; are the ones that bring their own dog waste bags, clear up after themselves, abide by the bye-laws with regard to when/where our pups can go on/off lead etc.

Usually, it’s this type of human that will already have taken the precaution of having their dog micro-chipped.  Let’s face it – our canine pals don’t come cheap – do they?  Surely, it’s in our own interests to protect our pets as much as we can.  Micro-chipping helps to reunite us if our dogs get lost, escape their home environment.

Meet Jessie - Wilf's 'mutt'

Meet Jessie – Wilf’s ‘mutt’

Tell us what you feel about it? Do you support this new legislation? Do you already have your pets micro-chipped? Do you think it will help to re-home stray dogs?

Let us know what you think …

More information can be found on the BBC Website here.

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