Preparing for a wonderful Wolverhampton spring …

Spring is coming to Wolverhampton

This years bedding schemes for Wolverhampton have long been designed, only waiting for planting at the appropriate time, by our contractors.  What about you?  Are you prepared for your garden?

 West Park, Wolverhampton

West Park, Wolverhampton

The shed's been locked up long enough (Image courtesy of 'theiphoneevangelist' on Flickr)

The shed's been locked up for long enough ...

Now of course is the time of year when we all start to think about the summer that awaits us in our own gardens; what work needs to be tackled before spring? What will we need to do?

  • Clearing
  • Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Clean up the greenhouse/potting shed
  • Collect up …
    • old clothes/blankets/plastic for warming up the ground
    • empty plastic bottles
    • pea sticks
  • Shopping List
    • compost
    • pots
    • seeds
    • labels
    • seed potatoes, broad beans, parsnips etc.
  • Tool check
    • wash, clean and sterilise pots and seed trays
    • anything missing?
    • all in good working order?
    • any replacements/repairs needed?

Have you thought about the ‘Wolverhampton in Bloom 2011‘ (part of the ‘Heart of England in Bloom‘ campaign)?  Entering campaigns such as this, may require a little planning … perhaps it’s something that you, your family and your neighbours could get involved in.

I’ve often pondered on how it would look if an entire street co-ordinated their planting schemes – perhaps with colour, plant type or other theme … what do you think?  Would something like that work where you live?  Have you ever seen an example of it?

Plant lined street courtesy of Dick_Dangerous (Flickr)

Beautiful plant lined street in Croatia

Unusual hanging baskets captured by Jill Murray (Flickr)

An unusual take on hanging baskets

Working together to get the job done ... courtesy of trjh (Flickr)

Working together to get the job done ...

Allotments …

For those of us that are keen allotment gardeners, there’s always something to keep us busy in the potting shed.

Allotment plot courtesy of finbar on Flickr

Allotment plot

If you’re interested in finding out more about an allotment plot in Wolverhampton, you can check it out here.

Well, until next time – have fun in ‘Wolverhampton’s Great Outdoors’.



About wolvesparkies

Wilf is the online presence of Wolverhampton Parks and is written by members of the Parks Team. We are passionate about our parks and we love to meet all of the people that it belongs to. After all, we are only the custodians of all of our green and open spaces.
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