We ♥ Wolverhampton

What’s your favourite place in the city?

When I was a small child, I would walk into Wolverhampton with my ‘Gran’ and we would visit the indoor and outdoor markets before going for breakfast in one of the many cafés.  Catching the bus back home, laden with shopping was always a treat; but not as much as the wonderful smells when buying the tea leaves and coffee beans from ‘Snapes‘ in Queen Street.  When I was growing up I never fully realised how important a shop this was … until it sadly closed back in 2002.  What I would give to go back and photograph the exterior of the shop, the interior and all of the characters that had worked there over the years ….

Wolverhampton is an eclectic mix of people – you’ll find us in all sizes, shapes, colours, ethnic origins, sexual orientations …. the lot.  That’s one of the things I love about Wolverhampton.  Each one of us that lives and works here is a Wonderful Wulfrunian.  Indeed, we congregate, walk and work in the shadow of the very lady herself, Lady Wulfruna, on the steps to St Peter’s Church in the centre of Wolverhampton.

We Heart Wolverhampton (c)

Although in the heart of the Black Country, Wolverhampton is surrounded by a mix of large village/small towns; some set in semi-rural locations and others in the more ‘built’ environment.

Wherever it is, chances are that you have a ‘favourite’ in Wolverhampton.  It could be the architecture at the top of buildings in the heart of Wolverhampton (take the time to look up, you’ll be surprised at what you see!).

It could be one of the many spectacular parks and green, open spaces (obviously I’m not biased at all)!

It could be the shop fronts, the markets, the theatres, cinemas …. anything!

Anyway, our friends in the Arts & Heritage Division are keen to find out why you love Wolverhampton in pictures.

Check it out and see what you think.

Until next time – enjoy ‘Wolverhampton’s Great Outdoors’.



About wolvesparkies

Wilf is the online presence of Wolverhampton Parks and is written by members of the Parks Team. We are passionate about our parks and we love to meet all of the people that it belongs to. After all, we are only the custodians of all of our green and open spaces.
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2 Responses to We ♥ Wolverhampton

  1. Nice blog piece Wilf. It’s something Hardeep Singh Koli mentioned at his gig at the Arena Theatre last night. The city is full of assets and treasures if we get beneath the tarnished shell and worn edges. How about setting up a group to try and reveal these treasures to the world?

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