Splastashtic Summer …

What a ‘Splashtastic Summer’ we’re having this year. Not just here, in Wolverhampton, but throughout the country.

Water drop

We’re all feeling a little bit fed up with the rain now, aren’t we?  Some days as we pass people by on the street, at bus stops etc it seems all that anyone is talking about.

But there are great things about the rain, and here in the parks, we’ll share some of our favourites with you …

  • Plants won’t grow without water!
  • Water releases plant nutrients from the soil …. without the water our plants would lose their turgidity (they’ll wilt!)
  • Did you know that some plants only grow in water (hydraponics) where no soil is used at all?
  • Seeds like grass etc for our football pitches need water to germinate, grow and thrive
  • Some plants hold water in their leaves, forming a micro environment, where small insects thrive.

Anyway – grab your brolly and your wellies and get out in your local park and have some splashtastic fun!


With a little help from a man called ‘Dave’

Image credit:  boogy_man


About wolvesparkies

Wilf is the online presence of Wolverhampton Parks and is written by members of the Parks Team. We are passionate about our parks and we love to meet all of the people that it belongs to. After all, we are only the custodians of all of our green and open spaces.
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