Snow Wolves … be part of the team

snowwolvesbannerResidents in Wolverhampton are being encouraged to be part of a great initiative in their neighbourhoods.

Helping to protect their families, neighbours and friends during inclement weather, Snow Wolves will be issued with a snow shovel, two salt-shakers and a hi-vis vest. Enhancing existing arrangements for winter gritting, Snow Wolves participants will be encouraged to clear the pavement by their homes, helping to keep our pedestrian community moving.  Where there are grit bins on the end of a street, at the top of a hill etc, Snow Wolves are also being encouraged to help out treating these areas too.

The scheme already operates in many boroughs throughout the country under different names – Snow Angels, Snow Champions etc.   You can find out more about Snow Wolves here, where you can also sign up to the scheme.

Check out the Snow Wolves video here (please adjust your volume before clicking on the link).




About wolvesparkies

Wilf is the online presence of Wolverhampton Parks and is written by members of the Parks Team. We are passionate about our parks and we love to meet all of the people that it belongs to. After all, we are only the custodians of all of our green and open spaces.
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